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Why Global Market…..
The markets all around are growing over the time. Though BSE is one of the oldest market in the world but it could not grow in volume like the developed markets. Indian markets have the risk of gap up and gap down opening on the basis of fundamental outlook change in global financial markets. The US Markets offer a great opportunity to traders from all around the world. We need to explore such markets for the following reasons:
  • 1.These markets virtually never sleeps when it opens on Monday 3.30 am (IST) till 2.30 am (IST) on Friday. Thus giving an opportunity for traders from all around the world to trade depending on their availability to manage global risk/ hedging the portfolio.

  • 2.Adding future markets to a balanced portfolio has the potential to decrease portfolio volatility and reduce risk as traders can trade across a wide range of global markets.

  • 3.The leverage availability in future trading allows you to maximize your buying power resulting in a more diversified capital efficient portfolio.

  • 4.Due to large size and large number of participants, future markets are extremely liquid. This means that under normal market condition, with the click of a mouse you can instantly buy and sell at will

  • 5.Cutting edge technology available in the global markets are unavailable in Indian market. On these platform, we can enter the trade with the pre-defined risk management with just a click of mouse.
  • Weekly detailed report of Dollar Index.
There are many products from US market are available on NSE but there is no cue why the price of DOW future is rising and falling. When we trade the US markets we will be able to hedge this position with same future in US markets for any unknown volatility. Price of many commodity gets discovered after taking the cue from CME. (Gold Future fell from $2000 to $1146, but people in India could not optimize the gain due to sudden rise in Dollar index). People look for some cue from DOW, S&P 500, NASDAQ before Indian markets open. When one trades the CME products (all the products discussed above), they will be equipped with the input, before the market opens in India.There are few products available in US, are not at all available in Indian markets which are traded globally like currency pair EUR/USD ($4 trillion a day).
Technical advisory 5,000/-
Stock btst-stbt 12,000/-
Half Yearly
Technical advisory 20,000/-
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