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Proprietor Trading Schemes
This scheme is design especially for HNI/NRI persons who are interested to trade in Indian and Global market and having a sufficient fund for this purpose. Our efficiency, exposure and expertise lies in following markets.
Indian Market:
  • 1.Equity Market - Future/Options/Cash Market
  • 2.Commodity Market – MCX and NCDEX
  • 3.Forex Market - USD/INR
Global Market:
  • 2.CME – Comex Gold/Silver Future
  • 3.CME – S& p 500
  • 4.Pairs of Currencies – AUS/USD, JPY/USD
Scheme Details:
  • 1.Trade on behalf of the Clients on the given instructions/ODIN/Trading Terminal and ensure achieving a daily target……………with profit.
  • 2.Capital reservation strategy will be follow.
  • 3.Strong ability to make trade decision based on both fundamental and technical analysis.
  • 4.Adopt a methodology focuses on risk management with capital reservation and allocation strategies.
  • 5.Ability to seize positions properly based on market volatility and maintains a well managed trading portfolio.
  • 6.Properly monitoring and checking instruments prices on major international financial exchanges time to time.
  • 7.Analysing research data and financial analysis reports for fluctuations in international financial markets on a regularly basis.
  • 8.Proper staying up to date with financial news related to the market Domestic and International along with change of currencies, stocks, gold, silver, oil and gas.
  • 9. Sharing information with clients and analyzing market trends and movement and also prepare financial reports on daily basis.
Our Skills :
  • 1.Understanding all technical and fundamental parameters and ready to work of any platform.
  • 2.Being able to predict the market momentum based on hourly chart for intraday trading entries and able to identify the market daily trend and for any specific stocks/commodity.
  • 3.Our Team are consists of highly professional in stock and commodity market analyst with computer skills and familiarity with online trading systems and ready to work effectively under constant pressure.
  • 4.Our Team equipped with highly Intraday and EOD software with properly trained of these software and strong analytical skills.
  • 1.Client has to maintained proper margins in his Trading Accounts.
  • 2.Margin Required: Indian Market - Rs. 10 lacs above, Global Market: 25000 US$ required.
  • 3.Every trade will be in disciplinary manner and maximum trade will be restricted up to 3 on every trading day and adhere to strict norms apply for trading with strict Stop Loss Order which will be initiated in the system at the time of Buy/Sell and vice versa.
  • 4.No Fees will be charged in Proprietary Trading and no partnership/sharing in any loss of trade.
  • 5.As a consideration, Company with sharing in profit in the ratio of 60 :40 :00 which will be calculate on weekly basis i.e. every FRIDAY and same will be credited in Company Account latest by every SATURDAY.
Or Speak with our Sales Representative for detailed information.
Quarterly payment holder will get Research Report in Equity Market absolutely free worth of Rs. 15000/-.
You can make Online Payment for desired scheme by clicking on "Subscribe" link above
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Note: All Subscription Charges are payable in advance in the name of "3M Team Research"